Get Vocal with Buzz Voice

Say precisely what you want to say to your audience

Voice broadcasts are more personal than email or SMS messages

You can send thousands of messages in minutes, and you don’t even need to pick up a phone

Buzz Voice is ideal for notifying contest winners and prize recipients

Use client data you have collected to send personalised messages

 Upload mp3, wav or use our text to voice feature

Extend the reach of your business by including Buzz Voice in your strategy

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Voice Broadcasting

Get vocal and engage with people on reminders such as a doctors appointment or local announcements.

Voice Broadcasting Made Simple

Create a buzz with our Voice broadcasting software. Buzz Voice is an excellent opportunity to remind clients of doctor appointments or engage customers with localised information.

Reach out to your less connected customers by uploading your personal voice recording. You can even set it up to leave a personalised message if the call is not answered. Remind your customers when it is time for a membership renewal or an oil change. Or send out a call to provide loyal customers with details about a new contest or upcoming event.



Fully Manage and customise your Messages

Our voice message customisation options allow you to decide how your message sounds to your subscribers and the options it provides them. You control what happens when your voice broadcast call is answered by machine.

Enjoy full control over your voice broadcast by editing or cancelling your broadcast at any time and customise the number from which you send it. Our software is as flexible as you need it to be.


Engage With Customers

Create Messages with Ease and even Convert Voice to Text

We offer a variety of options for creating your voice broadcast. Even if you do not own recording software, Buzz Voice makes it simple to create and edit bespoke messages.

Thanks to our computer generated voices, you need not worry if you don’t have the time or technology to record your personalised message. Simply type your message and your selected voice can be either male or female and speak American or British English, French, German, Italian, or Spanish.


Upload Multiple Audio Files

Easily upload a pre-recorded sound file of your choice to use for your campaigns, or upload multiple audio files simultaneously. Freely choose from popular audio formats including .wav and .mp3..

Only Pay for Successful Sends

Your payment is placed on hold when you send your voice broadcast campaign, as we initially assume we can deliver your broadcast to all recipients. Once your campaign has been completed, your account will be credited for uncompleted calls.

Reliable Sending

Check in and observe your voice broadcast reaching your subscribers efficiently and quickly. You can send your broadcast immediately once you create the message of schedule the right time using our simple time and date scheduler.

Unsubscribing is Easy

Unsubscribing couldn’t be easier with our three voice mail options—and the third gives you the option to have no unsubscribe option! Your customer will be instructed to press 9 to hear your personalsed voice message or a recording we can provide.