Tweet and communicate all from one place...

You can follow, unfollow, block users, send direct messages, tweet and more all from one place

Set up hundreds of tweets ahead of time so your feed remains current and fresh

Mix automated tweets with organic ones to save time while adding personality and relevance to your Twitter feed

Respond to messages in a prompt and professional manner to ensure a welcoming Twitter presence for your subscribers

Twitter marketing automation updates your Twitter feed whether you occasionally forget or just don't have the time

Following the right Twitter users allows you to discover industry news and trends to retweet

Extensive support is available including video tutorials, FAQ's, articles and more in THE HIVE

Receive detailed reports on how followers are interacting with your tweets

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Engage With Your Fans & Place Your Tweets On Autopilot

Advertise a consistent brand message for your business using Twitter. Twitter marketing gets new clients engaged with your business by advertising events, exciting competitions, and special promotions. Include helpful tips and links to interesting articles to ensure your Twitter feed stays both fun and personal. Your Twitter feed will be more interesting to your followers by always maintaining relevance and personalisation and our portal tool helps you manage this.

The tool offers a variety of amazing twitter features all in one place. You can do so much from our portal you may never need log onto the site for work again. You can randomise the posting times of your tweets to make them more organic and automatically target tweets to specific demographics based on age, gender and geography and much more.


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Add Twitter Followers & Automate you Tweets

Automatically add Twitter followers who are already engaged with your feed. Set up your feed to follow anyone who replies to or retweets your message. Utilize various filters and the smart list to determine who you should follow.

Set up tweets to automatically post at a pre-chosen time. Create an engaging stream of entertainment, information, and updates by intermixing manual and automatic tweets



Cross-Check Your Tweets

You can be sure your content does not go over the character limit with the auto tweet program. It also manages the state of your tweets (active or not), scheduling conflicts, and ensuring to send from the right account so all you to do is set the content and sit back.

The power of our Short Link creation tool has been incorporated directly into Twitter. So you can add a link as normal and by hitting the "short link" button, Twitter itself will shorten the link. This is a fantastic addition by Twitter and saves you pondering the various character limits.


Detailed Twitter Reporting

For each Twitter marketing project you can access reports to help you determine and manage the success of each campaign. Top end data with charts and spreadsheets will help you analyse the reach of your campaign.

Easy Campaign Creation

Easily set up a twitter campaign of automated posts, and let the software do the rest. and then stop worrying for awhile. You can still add timely Twitter updates, while your feed smoothly runs on autopilot.

Tweet Scheduling

Schedule and set up recurring Tweets so your message will post when you need them to. Tweet scheduling can be planned in advance and still appear organic to your followers. For example this is great for planning or in the run up to an event such as Christmas.

Set Campaign End Date

By setting a campaign end date, you’ll never forget to stop a campaign once tweets stop making sense or offer readers something you no longer want them to have. Your overall branding and message will always be on point.