Why Social Media?

 Social Media allows you to reach out and engage a much larger audience than other mediums

Social Media helps your company gain recognition as a leader in the industry

Social Media enables meaningful communication with your clients

Social Media allows you to engage clients with exclusive offers and promotions

Sharing your company’s story through social media builds customer loyalty

Social Media encourages more participation in your contests and surveys

A social media presence demonstrates that your business is current and active

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Social Media Marketing

Send meaningful communications to your members with confidence.

In our modern day connected global village, social media has become integral to communicating with your audience. Brands and Marketing Executives acknoledge that their customers love to interact  and engage with a community to share their experiences on various themes, products and services. This is why social media integration is essential to your successful online marketing strategy and our platform has been designed so that your campaign can reach significantly more people by combining current and future campaigns with buzzing social media marketing tools. You can usse powerful platform for social media to instantly share to Facebook and Twitter so you can stay engaged with your customers and subscribers. BUT this is just the tip of the iceberg so to speak. Our advanced all in one platform allows you to do so much more with your social media audience all from one portal...  "BuzzPortal".

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Easily Manage and Target your Social Media Messages

Manage your tweets, posts, and an unlimited social media accounts at once with our simple tools for social media. Our platform enables you to target specific demographics of your audience, and schedule your messages to be recurring, for a specified period, or just a single occurrence.

Make a personal connection with each visitor to your social media pages. Messages which are targeted to a specific group outperform and are more engaging than messages viewable by all visitors. Reach the demographic you are trying to engage by using our simple tools to send messages via social media targeted to specific age groups of your visitors.



Automate and Track Your Social Media Organically

Too often, automated social media pages seem impersonal and robotic. This is why we have configured our social media solution to post your messages organically at times you specify so your posts are more natural and less automated. The social media management solution automates all aspects of your Twitter and Facebook campaigns. The platform even lets you find new contacts to engage with whilst also allowing you to like, unlike, follow and unfollow others on the site in question.


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Diversify the Content of Your Social Media

Our solution to automated social media management allows you to distribute content to your social media pages in a wide range of formats. You can post customer surveys, events, marketing newsletters, signup forms, and more. Having a wide range of content on your social media pages engages visitors and allows your messages to a reach a wider audience through the liking and sharing of posts, images and links


Set an End to Your Campaigns

Set an end to your campaigns in Facebook and Twitter. Keep your message the same and your branding on point no matter where your visitors are looking with campaigns that will start and stop when you want. You welcome your visitors and give them the message you want to guide their viewing experience.

Attract new clients with web forms

Build a loyal following by creating total customer flow communications. By adding unique web forms on your social media pages new customers can select the services that appeal to them. The system can then automatically send this to them when they want it.

Cross-Check Your Campaign Before Launch

Rest assured that our software will locate any errors in your campaign to allow you to make corrections and adjustments before you launch. This way you can fix every detail the way you want it before your campaign meets the public eye

Detailed Reports Help Manage Your Social Media

Learn what is popular and what can be improved by reviewing detailed reports on your social media. Our detailed reports on your reveal how visitors interact with each post, tweet and item of content added to your pages. See how many likes, retweets, and shares you have received for each post.