Add Online surveys to your Marketing Strategy...

With online surveys, you no longer have to wait for feedback to arrive in the mail.

 Participants can respond at any time of their choosing and all data is stored in one place.

You can customise an online survey or form with your company’s branding.

Save time by dragging one or more of several question templates into your survey.

Receive results in real-time, without having to wait for your statistics.

 Extensive support is available including video tutorials, FAQ's, articles and more in THE HIVE.

Online surveys allow you to have fun and engage your audience

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Online Surveys

Transform the information gathering experience for you and your prospects while extending your reach with full social media integration

Online Surveys Deliver Valuable Data and Feedback Easily create user surveys with many types of questions to gather important feedback from your customers. You can easily download, view, and analyse the data you collect directly from your account.

Entice your customers to complete a survey about the customer service they received, then offer a code at the end of the survey where they can receive a discount on their next purchase. You get feedback and return business all from the same survey! Surveys are a simple way to discover issues so they can be corrected and to receive valuable input from the customers’ point of view.

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Save Time with Survey Templates and preview before sending

Don’t waste time reinventing the wheel when we provide a wide variety of survey templates to choose from. You can also make the survey creation process even easier by developing your own template from a similar survey you have completed.

It is always important to preview your work before you deliver it to the masses. A preview allows you to view your survey exactly as participants will, and to catch any mistakes before they are published.



Edit Surveys with Ease & Extend your Reach with Social Media Integration

Enter your welcome and thank you messages with our easy-to-use WYSIWYG editor. ("What You See Is What You Get.”) The final product you send will appear exactly as you typed, styled, and arranged it in the editor.

Social media integration extends your reach and allows for more participants to take your online survey. Your participants can easily take your survey on LinkedIn or like it on Facebook so others have the opportunity to give their input.


Ask a Variety of Question Types

Choose from a variety of question types to encourage the type of feedback you need. Gain a new appreciation of your customers’ point of view by using different question and answer formats to elicit answers to the questions you’ve been asking yourself.

Control Distribution

Choose from two integrated methods to distribute your survey: post a link to your survey on your website, or send your survey directly by email. Your newsletter can be distributed to your client list so they all can discover and click on the link to your survey.

Limit Participants

Setting a participant limit can be handy if you want to have specific numbers of people (e.g. 1000) to take your survey, so you can share a nice round number with your team or compare data sets with equal numbers of participants. You can also reward a set number such as the first 25 responses.

Receive Detailed Reporting on Your Surveys

Every question is broken down in the survey reports you will receive so that you are able to gather each individual piece of customer data. Download your detailed reports by section for in-depth analysis and review the easy-to-understand graphs and stats tables.