Real time lead nurturing just got easier...

Creating a list is the first step of any form of marketing campaign.  Now you can create and manage that list more easily than ever.

You can enjoy free  list management software that offers more features than the competition.

Integration with popular CRM solutions means you can access your data no matter where it is stored.

Whether implementing a 360 campaign or using a single channel, each of your lists is readily available for use.

Create as many lists as you need while incurring absolutely no costs.

Extensive support is available including video tutorials, FAQ's, articles and more in THE HIVE.

Keep your lists up to date and optimised with our convenient one-click solutions

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List Manager

Manage, analyse, create, save, segment and track your lists, all for FREE

Managing your lists with our advanced List Manager tool is simple and it works hand in hand with the Contact Manager to anonymously track your users in real-time from the first point of contact making it a breeze to nurture new leads, manage your sales pipelines and apply lead scoring to ensure you have a live current profile of all of your contacts.

Create Lists to Organise Data You’ve Collected

Keep all of your lists stored and organised with our essential contact management solution. You input the restrictions you desire and the program will segment your lists quickly and effortlessly. Store whatever type of information you like and easily retrieve individual contact information when you need it. These Features Make Managing Your User Data Simple!

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Effortlessly Create Unlimited Lists for you Campaigns

Having the right contact management software can make the difference between being organised and being overwhelmed, especially when dealing with large amounts of data. This is why you can manage an unlimited number of lists, all for free.

With the flexibility to create a list any way you want, all you need to do is choose the method you believe works best. You can enter a new list manually, import a list you have already created, or segment your lists for more targeted engagements. You can even link your Buzz 360 campaign to your preferred external CRM such as Zoho, Joomla, SalesForce and others to import and export data in realtime so you can record and manage  your contacts interactions from the start to the end of your campaign.



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Manage Sales Pipelines & Track Anonymous Visitors

Creating your own sales pipeline is a great feature for those looking to better understand their prospects. But things can get confusing if you have several pipelines on the go. That is why we have created an easy-to-digest sales pipeline manager. Now you can feel organised, because your data is stored where and how you desire.

Engage prospects even if they don’t provide you with contact information. As long as they visited a page on your site or a landing page, you can track a specific link or cookie. Then if that person comes back again, you can reengage with a pop-up message, form or something else to try and collect user data.


Analyse Contact Reports

Find out the degree to which your contacts are interacting with you by analysing your detailed contact reports. Gain real-time insight on bounced emails, link clicks, open rates, and unsubscribes, and export this data if you choose when you choose.

Automatically Remove Bad Data

We understand how important it is to keep deliverability rates high, ensuring messages continue to be send as smoothly and efficiently as possible. Our major channels utilise field verification support to quickly identify invalid information to be flagged for removal.

CRM Integration

We also realise that many companies do not store contact information in our contact management software. That is why our CRM integrations with software such as Salesforce, SugarCRM, ZohoCRM, WordPress, and VTiger plus more, giving you the flexibility to use our software with your CRM solution.

Import/Export Your Lists

You want full control over your data in addition to ease of use. So we made it easy to bring in your data no matter where you have stored it. If you already have contact lists, you can upload them in a simple, organized and quick manner.