Link Tracking is great because...

Link tracking allows you to review the effectiveness of your campaign.

Control your link tracking campaigns from a single account.

Eliminate ineffective campaigns in real-time with our rhobust reporting toools.

Know exactly how your content is converting visitors.

Simply entering a URL will provide you with a trackable link.

Knowing what links work helps you plan future campaigns.

Enjoy integrated web tracking throughout other Buzz Portal channels.

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Link Tracking

Analyse your campaign for essential data on activity with real time data

Track and analyse the links in your campaign using real-time data so you know exactly which links are effective and what needs to be adjusted in your campaign.

Tracking the links you use for online marketing has never been easier. Create custom links to keep your messages relevant and your brand consistent by using the simple tool to shorten your required URL helping you state your professional appearance to your audience through-out their online experience which is great for competition and promotion links. You can see detailed reports in your Link Tracking Dashboard of who has clicked on which links and much more. You can add the URL's for banner ads to confirm what is being reported by the vendor or track your links on social media sites such as Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter or Google+ to see which ones work best for your organisation.

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Create Unlimited Customisable Links

Monitor your online marketing campaign’s success by created unlimited links which you can track. Enter any URL into our system to instantly gain a unique tracking link with which to monitor online surveys, email newsletters, or social media accounts.

Shorten your links just to make them easier to remember, or create customized links which complement your brand. Easily edit and obtain tracking codes for each link. Each link can be used to further market your business.



Easy Setup with Multiple Tracking Options

Easily set up our link tracking tool to have your tracking links added to social media sites and email in no time. Simply enter the URL you wish to track; it is added to our database and you are instantly provided with a unique tracking link you can edit or customise at any time.

The web tracking tool allows you to track links in your email newsletters and anywhere on the web,. These multiple tracking options allow you to discover exactly how people interact with your content.


Organize Your Links

Whether you have hundreds of links or only a few, you can organize them by type and give them specific group names to make them easy to locate. Keep growth positive by using our organisation tools provided to avoid being overwhelmed.

Deactivate Links if Necessary

The effectiveness of lead tracking must include the freedom to edit deactivate or reactivate links as needed. Turn off links that no longer benefit your campaign, and reactivate them should they become relevant again.

Group Your Links

Group your tracking links by posting location or type of marketing. Whether you are adding links to Twitter, email marketing newsletters, or even direct mailings, a little organization makes life a lot easier.

Detailed Reporting

Our real-time link-tracking reports offer you a detailed review of exactly who is clicking on your links. Observe the IP addresses from which your links were viewed, and keep track of exactly how many times each link was clicked.