Why you need Buzz Landing Pages...

Landing pages allow you to impress and target your audience whilst saving your budget

Offering your users more relevant information means a better chance at conversion

Landing pages are simple to manage as they are created and held outside your website

A landing page’s reach can be easily extended by integrating social media

The client data you collect allows you to send more personalised, targeted messages

Add meta data to your landing pages to ensure easy search engine recognition

Automate your entire marketing campaign with the addition of landing pages to your strategy

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Landing Pages

Create a landing page for every important stage of your campaign and watch your visitors become leads and inevitably returning customers.

Target your Marketing with Creating Effective Pages

There will be times during the course of your marketing campaigns where you will require temporary landing pages for contests, special events, and other promotional and targeted offers. Landing pages are also a great way to supply your visitors and returning customers with additional information or to direct them to a targeted customer experience. Our landing page software allows you to easily create stunning landing pages while maintaining the look and feel of your brand. You can add phrases, words, and even meta-tags to assist search engines in locating your landing page. If you wish to hide you page temporarily or you find it is no longer required, you can simply turn your landing page off. Above all, our landing page creator enables you to easily provide your customers with a positive experience.

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Targeted Meta Information and have Total Traffic Control

Search engines will have an easier time finding your landing pages thanks to your ability to enter meta information for every landing page you create. The targeted meta information you enter will help search engines direct visitors to your landing pages each time they look up relevant terms.

Having total control over where your visitors are sent means you can give all of your visitors a personal, targeted, customer experience. Specify the number of visitors who should view each specific landing page, and send the other visitors to a separate page. With this kind of control, you can create the ultimate positive customer experience.




Simply Automated

Successful marketing automation requires a powerful solution . All our tools are integrated so when someone processes a function on your landing page, the contact manager will automate every process necessary to keep your contact profiles up to date. With changes that happen instantly when someone adds or edits information, you are primed for lead nurturing and guaranteed to close more sales


Editing Made Easy

Design skills and knowledge of programming should not be necessary to create an attractive and professional looking landing page. Create and edit landing pages without the need for specialty skills. Our landing page creation tool makes it simple to get started in building your landing page.

Hide Your Landing Page

Hide your landing pages permanently or just temporarily and visitors will never again see a page with invalid information. If your landing page becomes relevant again in the future or you decide to rerun a limited-time campaign, you can easily turn your landing page back on.

Monitor Activity With Heatmap

Discover exactly where your users have clicked and how they interact with your page with our heat-map feature. Learning what titles get the most activity can help you decide where to insert another link or call to action.

Paypal Integration

It is easier than ever to offer payment options right on your landing page. Allow users to make a direct payment from your page by clicking a button and inputting their Paypal information. Prevent your customers from getting frustrated and make the transfer of funds simple by taking advantage of Paypal integration.