Why you need a BUZZ Fax Marketing Strategy...

Access and manage your fax campaigns from anywhere through our online system.

Enjoy our competitive rates and only be charged for the faxes we successfully deliver.

Load your own HTML code in our fax editor to use your previously coded marketing materials.

Add Caller ID on outgoing faxes to direct anticipated responses.

Send your message at a time that makes sense.  It is always advisable to deliver your fax during regular business hours.

Use subaccounts with different levels of permission to allow multiple people to work within the same account on the same or different projects.

Know what you are paying.  You will know exactly what your are spending before you hit the send button with our convenient rate breakdown.

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Fax Marketing

Send meaningful communications to your members with confidence.

Handle your business promotions and communication efficiently using the unique approach of Buzz Fax. Our fax software creates and sends all faxes online, eliminating the need for manual effort. Easily upload your documents to develop your custom fax campaign with our drag and drop interface, then schedule your documents to be delivered on dates and at times optimal for your strategy. Adding a fax marketing element to your overall campaign is especially effective when you create a fax document that both offers helpful deals, useful information and is visually pleasing. The fax tool also links into the 360 Marketing Automation Manager so you can plan your delivery based on a number of Markeitng Automated triggers.



Reach Out to Clients and Companies with the best Deliverability Around

Reach out to other businesses with discount campaigns and special promotions using bulk fax blasting, or send important contracts or documents to your customers. Your fax blasts can also include coupons and images.

Your subscribers will always receive your bulk fax blasts thanks to our high fax quality and delivery rates. Not only does our software deliver, but we have the best deliverability available in the world. For optimum results, always keep your unsubscribe list current.


Fax Machine

Create and Edit Faxes with Ease and use previous projects as templates

Easily create spectacular fax marketing blasts while uploading any documents to be included. Create faxes using a simple step-by-step process with our easy to use editor, position images, edit text, and ensure your fax message is perfect.

Speed up the fax creation process by reusing existing projects as is or by copying existing projects and adding new content. Creating your fax marketing campaign just became a lot less work and can be combined with our 360 Marketing Automation tool to schedule sends at a time of your choosing.


Build Opt-In Lists

Enjoy total control of your lists by creating them using an online form. Use the opt-in settings to control how the user will opt-in. Have the user click a link to subscribe (single opt-in) or prove verification by responding to an email (double opt-in).

Detailed Reports

Review your detailed signup form reports to discover who filled out the form, when they signed up, and what information they entered. These reports allow you to quickly and easily access your form data all from one location.

Fully Manage Your Forms

Quickly determine what forms are active and easily acquire the HTML code to add them to your site. Managing is a snap when your multiple blogs, landing pages, and website forms are all in one place: under the "Forms" tab on your dashboard.

Limit Your Submissions

Avoid duplicate signups and duplicate answers from your HTML web forms by limiting the types and number of submissions you receive. Block or limit certain IP addresses and/or limit how many total people can access the form.