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Facebook has over 1.23 billion users. If these users all formed a country, it would be the second largest county in the world behind China.

The average user spends almost one hour (55 minutes) per day on Facebook.

In a 20 minute period over 10 million comments are posted on FB

The average Facebook user connects to 90+ pieces of content per month. Is one yours?

Facebook Fan Box enables your email newsletter recipients, website visitors, or YouTube video watchers to fan your brand without having to log into Facebook.

Over 250 million users are accessing the site via their mobile devices.

The USA makes up 23.6% of total users with 155 million people at present and growing.

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When it comes to social media, FACEBOOK is King!

Place Your Company’s Facebook Page on Autopilot to Reach and Engage Potential Customers

It is essential for your company to have a robust social media presence to demonstrate to your customers that your organisation is thriving. Facebook is the king of social media, and our Facebook tool enables you to schedule a series of messages to post when you want them to, so you no longer have to lose valuable time updating your company’s Facebook page. Our tools also allow you to target your posts for specific groups of users so that each message is only seen by the people you want to see it.

Facebook is a great way to reach and engage potential customers. Current followers and friends will share your messages, enabling you to reach out and connect with a wider audience. Engagement is easy, as you can post fun images, disseminate information about events your business is involved in locally, and entice newcomers to sign up for a subscription to your email newsletter. Marketing Automation with Facebook Automation is best delivered as part of an online Marketing Automation campaign alongside Email marketing, SMS marketing and Twitter Marketing.


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Target the Audience of your Posts

You can shape your audiences brand experience by reaching your prospects with planned targeted messages, Choose which Facebook users will see each of your posts with the post targeting feature. This allows you to choose a group of users and target specific messages exclusively to a select sector of users. Targeting sectors is a valuable option to have when you are seeking to advertise a product, receive feedback from a particular demographic, and more. Its simple to schedule and will advance your current operations enormously.


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Schedule Message to Post and Receive Status Update Reports

In order to hold your visitors’ interest, your Facebook page has to be updated frequently. You want to keep your page current and fresh, yet your time is too valuable to spend tinkering with your social media. With Facebook Marketing Automation you can easily update your Facebook page by scheduling a series of messages to post at specified times throughout the month. You can keep track on how each status update is doing on your business’s page by viewing the real-time reports on the platform. Review your clicks, comments and likes with the click of a mouse, anytime you want! Facebook Marketing Automation and Social Media Marketing Automation is a must for any modern business.


Post in a Variety of Formats

When posting to Facebook, you have a variety of options, and we have ensured that employing and automating those options is easier than ever. Whether you are seeking to publish a specific type of post or want to post a simple message, our Facebook marketing software allows you to get your message to your audience in the manner you choose..

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In addition to using your Facebook wall to display images and status updates, it is a great place to showcase other projects you have developed using our software for online marketing. Reach a much larger audience with your content by posting newsletters, signup forms, and surveys to your Facebook page.

Use Multiple Facebook Accounts

You can connect and use as many accounts as required. Make sure all facets of your online presence are sending the message you want to get across to the people you want to reach. Departments can collaborate together on different projects from one place to ensure the company message is unified and progressive.

Enjoy One-Click Application Creation

Create your own apps and add them directly to your business’s Facebook page. You can then keep track of how your apps are performing using our user-friendly reports built into the platform. This means you can customise and adjust your Facebook applications from start to finish all in one place!