Reasons to improve your event management...

Reach everyone where they are by delivering your message electronically.

Advanced Integration so Google maps, videos and any other information can be posted with ease

Connect and stay connected with attendees of your event.

Extend the reach of your event by integrating with social media.

Use data you have collected from clients to personalise your messages.

Let your guests pay you directly online  with paypal make purchasing easy and integrated

Create amazing tickets, landing pages, engaging comunications and more with the world famous Buzz Events


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Event Management

Easily manage the perfect event with the best event marketing software in the market.

Our Event Marketing Tool has everything you need to manage your next event. Reach out with invitations and plan every aspect of your guests’ experience using what is simply the most spectacular event management solution available today.

The Event Marketing tool allows you to send invitations and date reminders and creates a landing page where guests can find the latest information. Your RSVPs automatically arrive at a predetermined email address so you can easily keep track of how many guests will attend. Whether you are hosting a class, seminar, or workshop, organizing a company party, or holding a press conference, The Event Marketing tool allows you to always know who is coming and to provide them with information updates and reminders.

Amazing Automated Features!

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Create and Distribute Invitations and set reminders

Our event management solution allows you to create and send invitations with ease. Distribute your invitations in a variety of ways and employ automatic follow-up reminders to ensure guests remember the date and time of your event. .

Send reminders to guests or potential attendees via email or text. Set up your reminders ahead of time and schedule them to be delivered when they will be most effective. Know what has been received and what has been opened with available monitoring functions.


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Create Tickets on Demand and amazing landing pages

Enjoy the ability to customise your tickets, and offer them in either an electronic or paper format. You can now provide your guests with a multitude of ways to purchase tickets to your event.

Customize the landing page for your event easily, and ensure it consistently reinforces your business’s brand. Add a map to aid guests in finding the location of your event and include meta information to assist search engines in finding your event page. landing page, and send the other visitors to a separate page. With this kind of control, you can create the ultimate positive customer experience.


Detailed Event Reporting

Use the interactive graphs available to determine how many visitors opened your message and which ones actually clicked on a link. Real-time statistics from your account are available 24 hours a day.

Gather Information

Add contact forms in multiple places with our event registration program. Users can submit data or ask questions, and you can use the information they provide to send updates, reminders, surveys, and special offers.

Reuse Existing Projects

Copying your existing projects and use them again and again. Using a campaign or template you have used before, you can take a campaign that worked well and add new information to adapt it to your current needs.

Stay Connected

Manage all of your events simultaneously! Our event management solution guides you through the creation of your event and even provides an exciting countdown clock which can be included on your landing page.