Real time lead nurturing just got easier...

Plan and view your contacts progression through your pipeline

With essential data you can target your customers with ease

Reach out to customers with their preferred methods and use your data to your advantage

Nurture your customers form initial sign up to the sale and beyond.

Manouvere your customers through your pipeline with ease

Real time reporting on all aspects of your campaign.

Our Contact Manager is completely 100% free so you can use and advance your sales with confidence.


Contact Manger - Robust, Effective and Free CRM



  • Detailed contact profiles

  • Sales pipeline management

  • Advanced segmentation tools

  • Sales tasking and task tracking

  • Qualified lead management

  • Robust lead scoring


Build Consistent relationships with your prospects

Continuously sending message does not improve your relationship with your prospects. In fact it is likely to alienate them from your organisation and have a negative impact on your campaign. With our contact manager you can learn to send the right content to the right person and at the right time.

These Features Make Managing Your User Data Simple!



Lead Nurturing

Support and nurture your prospects from first interaction through to purchase and beyond. Manage your relationships with existing customers to improve relationships and increase ROI. Our innovative platform will help you create customised content relevant to your customer's activity, interests and interactions with you. Connecting the dots.

To help you optimise your campaigns you can see and manage when and where the customer is interacting with communications. With the ability to track and tag every interaction from opening a message to clicking on a link and more.



Manage Sales Pipelines

Creating your own sales pipeline is a great feature for those looking to better understand their prospects. But things can get confusing if you have several pipelines on the go. That is why we have created an easy-to-digest sales pipeline manager. Now you can feel organised, because your data is stored where and how you desire. Track Anonymous Visitors

Engage prospects even if they don’t provide you with contact information. As long as they visited a page on your site or a landing page, you can track a specific link or cookie. Then if that person comes back again, you can reengage with a pop-up message, form or something else to try and collect user data.


Automatically Remove Bad Data

We understand how important it is to keep deliverability rates high, ensuring messages continue to be send as smoothly and efficiently as possible. Our major channels utilise field verification support to quickly identify invalid information to be flagged for removal.

Centralised data

Manage your contacts in centralised and optimised location. So you can improve the significance of your prospects experience with real time data. You can view their social media profile, contact info and history and lead score plus more allowing you to act or plan effectively.

CRM Integration

We also realise that many companies do not store contact information in our contact management software. That is why our CRM integrations with software such as Salesforce, SugarCRM, ZohoCRM, WordPress, and VTiger plus more, giving you the flexibility to use our software with your CRM solution.

Sales Dashboard

Find fast and effective information at your fingertips with the Sales Dashboard. You can effortlessly gain an insight into your contacts interactions, behaviour and more reporting data all in one place. So you can see where every contact is in your sales pipeline.