Be ahead of the curve...

Our Autoresponder tool allows you to consistently and automatically engage with your audience.

Plan, create and set up multiple autoresponders ahead of time as needed for your campaign

Automation will enhance your overall email marketing campaign and take you ahead of the curve

Easily extend your campaign’s reach by integrating social media into your campaign

Use client data you have collected to personalise your marketing messages for your audience

Support is available when you need it, from our team of dedicated experts

Eliminate the cost of sending physical mail to customers by utilising email marketing

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Our FREE automated follow-up solution will reassure your audience and improve their overall experience

Place Your Email Marketing On Autopilot

If you need a message sent on a specific date or after a specific action takes place Autoresponder allows you to create messages that will do just that. Provide a confirmation email when a customer makes a purchase from your online store, when a promotional offer begins, or for any other purpose you can imagine. You can customize Autoresponder messages to suit your specific needs.

The free to use Autoresponder tool allow you to send birthday greetings, or welcome new subscribers to your newsletter. With Autoresponder messages, you can provide support and information to customers when they need it and without requiring a manual response.





Easy to Use WYSIWYG Editor

The visual interface of our “What You See is What You Get” editor allows you to drag, drop, connect, and compose messages for your Autoresponder easily. Our editor never makes you try to guess what your customers are going to see when your message arrives.

Create your own HTML messages from scratch or use the user friendly customisable pre-made templates we have available for your convenience. This felixibilitiy allows you to tailor your content to the type of campaign your sending


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Customize Your Message

Create prompt, professional messages for your customers with our user-friendly autoresponder tools. Automatic messages can still be personalised, ensuring your customers always feel they are receiving top notch customer service. You can also schedule the send to suit your customer management plan so your autoresponder messages arrive when you want them to

Integrate Forms

You can add an array of items such as our user friendly Signup Forms which can easily be integrated with the tool, allowing subscribers to receive a timely autoresponder message letting them know they have signed up successfully and giving them any additional information they may need.


Schedule Specifically

Scheduling your autoresponder messages ensures that those messages reach your customers at the exact moment needed. Select a specific date to send your messages, or create specific triggers that cause a message to be sent.

Send Plain Text Messages

In addition to being able to create HTML messages from scratch or using templates, we have not overlooked the fact that sometimes plain text messages are exactly what you need to get the job done and this feature is available on all our outgoing tools including the Autorespnder.

Test Send Content

It is imperative you get things exactly how you want them before you engage with your audience. Test send your autoresponder email content to make sure everything is working exactly the way you want it to perform as you set up your marketing campaign.

Use Our Templates

Use our professionally designed templates and eliminate the hassle of having to create your messages from scratch. Our templates include both email marketing templates for all of your autoresponder messages and form templates for any automated messages connected to your online signup forms.