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Automate your entire campaign from start to finish with Buzz 360 Marketing Automation

Extend your reach with targeted communications on Email, SMS, Voice, Fax and Social Media all from one portal

Enjoy a global reach with our software, available in more than 11 languages.

Buzz 360 Marketing Automation includes over 15 powerful tools all in one subscription

Design tweaking or coding is not required thanks to our gorgeous templates and simply editor

Make decisions in real-time with our reporting and advanced scheduling tools


Buzz 360 Marketing Automation

Add a new dimension to your marketing campaign with our powerful marketing automation platform.

Buzz 360 Marketing Automtation combines industry leading automated marketing with inbound and outbound communication tools to allow you to send targeted communications directly to your customers and group members on an individual basis. Send these messages automatically at times you schedule and develop automatic outcomes based specifically on their responses. 360 Marketing Automation is also capable of sending pre-created marketing messages to your customers based on unique needs that they specify through decision elements created with our software. Allow customers to select their individual preferences, such as different product types, and our Marketing Automation platform will respond with automated marketing messages tailored specifically to their desires.



Stay one step in front of the competition and maintain that competitive advantage with marketing automation software for your business.  360 Marketing Automation uses regular and well-timed personal communications to increase conversions without requiring additional manual effort. Using our intuitive platform, Buzz 360 Automation Manager enables you to build automatic, customized marketing campaigns with our user-friendly communication tools.

Our communication solution enables you to connect with the people who matter when it matters most, regardless of the communication mode they prefer. Customer interests and stored data gathered from past engagements with your company enable you to have meaningful connections with customers and prospects, which is sure to increase your ROI.

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Why do all the work yourself when you can let our software handle the tasks for you? Leave your campaigns to our marketing automation software so you can focus all of your creativity, resources, and most of all, your time, on campaign strategy. Marketing Automation makes it possible to connect with your targeted demographic in a personalised way which was never a possibility until now. We have developed Marketing Automation software which makes it easy to communicate with every customer and prospect; all you have to do is sign up and start creating a buzz.


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Nurture Leads & Target Messages Automatically

Use our sophisticated filtering technology to tailor content to the customer based on their behaviors and indicated interests during prior engagement. Personalise each message and nurture your prospects from the first touch point through to the purchase and keep them coming back for more. Maintaining regular contact with your loyal customer base will guarantee increased revenues and positive word-of-mouth advertising.

Inspire higher open and response rates to you messages by using our message targeting capabilities. Our 360 Marketing Automation system uses customer selections and other expressions of interest to insure your automated messages apply specifically to each recipient.

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Campaign through Multiple Channels and Maintain Engagement Use multiple forms of communication to engage with prospective and returning customers. Involving a multitude of communication methods in a single campaign - including email markeintg, fax, social media, text messages, voice messages, and the web—helps to make sure your business stays on top. And the best part is that our Automation Manager does all the delivering.

The 360 Automation Marketing Manager enables you to maintain engagement with each customer who signs up on your website. Send them time-delayed messages which you create beforehand. Begin your engagement with an immediate confirmation message, inquire about and show your commitment to customer satisfaction with a follow-up email message a week later, then stay connected and engaged after a month with a promotional message introducing related products. All delivered through our Marketing Automation tool.


Automate Your Events

Build automated communication processes that establish connections to your prospective event attendees over multiple channels. Email personalised invitations, keep track of RSVPs via landing pages and signup forms, send text event reminders to mobile devices, and even accept payments for tickets. Then sit back and enjoy the increased attendance at ...

Track via Detailed Reports

Our analytics system and detailed reporting capabilities allow you to monitor every interaction with your contacts throughout each marketing automation campaign. With the ability to track click-throughs, open rates, social reach, and more, you can identify which campaigns are working and which need improvement. By pin-pointing the true ROI of each ...

Full API Integration

Trigger your 360 Marketing Automation campaigns from anywhere using external sources such as calendars, CRMs, and e-commerce solutions with our fully integrated and configurable API  so our platform automatically communicates with your own database of contacts and moves data based on changes made at either end of the chain.

360 includes all 15+ tools

Use our landing pages or signup forms to capture data on your potential customers at every opportunity. Our automation management software enters new subscribers into automated lead-nurturing campaigns after sorting them into lists based on preferences they have indicated at signup. All that is left for you to do is reap the rewards.