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Informed customers are satisfied customers

Organisations and households depend on and demand an excellent level of service from modern day utility companies such as water, telecoms, gas and electricity suppliers. In growing yet competitive markets it is essential that you build that level of brand loyalty with your customers to ensure a long lasting relationship with your business.

If they turn on the tap or flick on a light switch and nothing happens, consumers will demand instant information from you. Instead of creating victims in this scenario you can be ahead of the game by being the informer of such events. This is why communication has become so important in providing any service. Let your customers know of any faults in their service with automated communications sent directly to their device in the medium of their choosing. The following simple message could save on thousands of future complaints:

“Dear valued customer, Due to the recent floods a power outage has been reported in your area. Our dedicated team of engineers are working to resolve the problem and power should be restored by 3pm today. Thank you for your patience"

Customers now know there is a problem and they also know you're ahead of the game and attempting to resolve this quickly. They also know that you care about this situation and about keeping them informed which all leads to an increase in brand loyalty and an increase in future customer retention.













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Your engineer will be with you by 10am today

You can use our platform for more than just emergency communications. With automated campaigns you can remind customers of billing and service dates, arrange and confirm engineer appointments and provide important usage updates. Our online survey tool also lets you gage customer experience so you can improve your service and aim for the top of your market. All automated from one powerful yet easy to use platform.





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Save the Planet and Build Loyalty

Send useful communications to your customers about tariff changes and industry news to keep them informed. Offer tips on contemporary topics such as conserving energy without it drastically affecting their lives. These types of communications not only share your view on the world we live in but will be beneficial to their overall experience with your service and ultimately increase brand loyalty.





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 Powerful contact manager to get the job done

The Contact Manager tool is a powerful addition to our portal that lets you score your leads on the criteria you choose. This means you can create campaigns on any goal you're working to and ensure the right group of customers receive what is intended. For example you can create a campaign aimed at the elderly to offer advice on staying warm in the cold winter months. You can then segment your lists with ease to ensure you are targeting the right customers and based on their responses you can have the system move them through your pipeline. The BuzzPortal API also integrates with a number of market leading CRM's so you can securely transfer your data to and from the system with ease.





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 Roll up roll up, we have an offer for new customers

Reach new customers and engage with them from first contact to paying customer using our set of inbound and outbound marketing tools. Create a sign up form for your website or for use on social media sites then create a customised landing page dedicated to drawing in customers and readying them to sign up. Our simple editor makes creation and distribution a breeze.

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