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Plan Your Best Event Ever

An event planner is only as good as the perception of the one who hired them. There needs to be an understanding that all the details are well in-hand. What does someone look for in an event planner?

  • Organisation
  • Good Connections
  • Seamless Project Management
  • Excellent Guest Tracking

It is keeping up with the little details over time that contributes to an event planner’s success and their client’s happiness. Happy Clients tell others about your services and that is where the real reward comes from a job well done; greater revenue.

Wouldn’t it all be easier to manage if there was a way to keep track of details, vendors, guest invites and headcount whilst also creating and issuing event tickets and receiving payment from one marketing platform? Wouldn’t it make event project management a breeze if all of your vendors received the same communication and reminders with just a few mouse clicks?

BuzzPortal has the solution and our comprehensive Marketing Automation Event Management tool integrates with Landing Pages, Online Surveys, a free CRM tool, Email and SMS as well as Paypal to collect payment for your tickets.

360 Marketing Automation software has been designed from the ground up to combine marketing automation with inbound and outbound communication channels all from one platform. An information management tool with premium features on all 360 price plans to support, integrate and enhance your organisations customer flow communications.





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Hotel Marketing And Event Planning In A Snap

For the hotel event planner, there is usually more than one main event in a typical weekend. With so many vendors and clients coming and going, it can be a headache to keep track of who is who. This is no longer the case. With our Event Management tool you can run multiple events simultaneously, send out emails to guests, clients and vendors and even set reminders automatically as your event dates get closer.

While some vendors prefer different types of communication, you won’t have to worry about that with our Marketing Automation solution. Your messages can go out over email or text messaging. Event guest invites, RSVPS and reminder communication keeps your headcount current so valuable resources and revenue are not wasted on inaccurate numbers.



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Ask Your Guests How Their Experience Was

What better way to prove your value to your event clients than to present them with outstanding feedback from their own guests. You can send out surveys and get the results in no time with the handy surveying tool. You’ll have your survey report ready to analyse and manage so you the event planning team can learn from each event and ensure 100% client satisfaction.




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Keep In Touch With Former Event Clients

As an event planner busy with current clients, staying in touch with older ones can be a forgotten necessity in marketing your services. Now you can reach out and delight past clients with informative event planning content and help them keep you in their thoughts when they have to plan their next corporate event or holiday party.




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 Let Clients And Prospects Know About New Services

Have you added a new sushi chef to your roster of capable cooks? Let your clients know with our event automated marketing solution. Would you like to inform them of a better way to save money on planning their next big party? Sending out this kind of information provides value to your clients, and positions you as a thought leader in your industry.

You can send out newsletters and blogs to keep your clients refreshed on your services within minutes. Marketing you services is now possible in a lot less time with 360 Marketing Automation.

Your free trial is waiting for you to try for yourself today!




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