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Keep Students, Parents And Alumni Informed Without The Hassle


Educational institutions have the daunting task of keeping many different groups of people informed, depending on how they interact with the school, college or university. Students need to be apprised of any changes in schedule or safety issues that may arise during the school day. Parents need to be informed if there is an announcement that pertains to their child. Alumni want to be informed of fundraising and institutional support functions.

You can take advantage of what today’s businesses already know about automated marketing tools. Our Automated education solution combines all of the ease of a web tool with multi-function marketing; all at the touch of a button. You can keep your pupils, students, parents and alumni up to date in just a few clicks of a mouse.


Buzz 360 Marketing Automation software has been designed from the ground up to combine marketing automation with inbound and outbound communication channels all from one platform. An information management tool with premium features on all 360 price plans to support, integrate and enhance your organisations customer flow communications.  







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Communicate With Your Student Body All Year Long

Students like to feel that they are a part of a community; that they belong to the school they attend. You can continue to make your students feel connected and part of your school family through regular, automated marketing communication to them throughout the year. Help them better prepare for term and semester arrival with planned tips messages to make the new school year or semester a breeze.




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Better Tuition Revenue Management Is Possible

Cash flow management is more within reach with email, fax, social media, voice and text messaging reminders. You can take advantage of our multi-pronged communication platform to send out personalised reminders to students and parents with important messages such as declaring a "snow day" or when tuition payments fall behind.

Sending out letters and making phone calls costs time, money and resources. Now you can schedule reminders one time and have them set for automatic reminder delivery, so you don’t have to mark your calendar for manual communication. Faster tuition payments are possible with 360 Marketing Automation.




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Make The Grade With School Event Planning

Getting the word out around school has traditionally been delivered with email blasts and flyers taped up on doors and windows and the unreliable word-of-mouth method. With all the time it takes to make those three admittedly inconsistent approaches work it's simply not consistent with the modern informed world we live in. Wouldn’t it be great to know that there is a tool out there that will effectively send out personalised invites, record RSVPs and keep track of all of your attendees for those important Thank You emails following your school, college or university event?

School Fundraisers are expensive to run. You want to make sure that you are getting as much bandwidth as possible for your alumni fundraising efforts. With 360 Marketing Automation, you can make event planning easy and organised.




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Keep The Student Population Informed Immediately In The Event Of An Emergency

When the fast dissemination of information is critical, you need to know that you can count on your communication tools to deliver in seconds. With our multi-channel capabilities, you can reach your students on their mobile devices through text messaging, social media and personalised emails quickly and seamlessly. When they need the information now, you can get it to them without the stress of wondering if they’ll receive it in time.

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