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Ensuring your email message arrives safely and is not blocked by spam filters is an important step to a successful campaign. Another is ensuring the message is inclusive and available in a user friendly format on all the devices we use these days. The days of email being read exclusively on a pc or laptop are well and truly over. These days people use tablets, mobile phones and hybrid phablets on a daily basis so the messages they receive have to be compatible with these devices.


So how can you ensure your messages are mobile friendly?

BuzzPortal is the solution to the problem. We have created a simple editor that utilises drag and drop features so you do not need to know how to code to make an attractive email. Additionally, making the email mobile friendly only requires clicking one button.


How Does It Work?

Once you are inside of the application, you are able to utilise the drag and drop feature. All you have to do is click the menu icon that is located in the top right corner. Then, click on start setup wizard so you can customise your email. Once you have chosen a template and basic colour scheme, you will see the main editor, which allows you to drag and drop elements to customise your email. When you look in the far left corner, you will see a variety of options such as, “Mobile Friendly" When you select this option, the tool does everything needed to ensure that the email is mobile friendly.


Why Mobile Friendly Emails Are Important

Mobile friendly emails are very important if you want all of your prospects to be able to view and read your emails. Most people do not check their email from their computers often since they always have their mobile devices with them. Therefore, you will find that when your emails are mobile friendly your recipients will view the message sooner.

How Much Does The Feature Cost?

Here at BuzzPortal, this feature is free as we understand you need to reach your full potential and so our platform has been created to ensure email messages are compatible with all current mobile and hand held devices as well as static monitors.

BuzzPortal believes that you need to improve communication for your business and we make it possible for you to do so as effortlessly as possible. You can learn more about this feature and more by visiting the marketing automation page and read about more email specific features at the email-marketing page. If you have, any questions or concerns give us a call or use the live chat feature available on the website to speak to a knowledgeable agent.


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