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Your customers are the foundation of your business. If you are unable to connect with them and keep them coming back to your business you will find your business is going to fail. In order to insure you have the best customer relationships you have to have the best tools. You need to have tools that allow you to be as personalised as possible so you can expand your reach and efficiency.



If you want to establish a great connection with your customers, you have to peak their interest on a personal level. However, this may seem like a complex task since there are so many customers and they all have unique needs. Nevertheless, when messages are personalised they bring better results/profits than mass messages. Therefore, you have to have a tool that allows your messages to be personalised to each of the individuals that you send them too.


Increasing Reach

Customers can be reached on so many channels during this age in time. Some use their smart phones, while others prefer to be contacted via email or social media. Therefore, you cannot just market on one channel or you are missing potential customers that your competitors are eagerly snatching up. Therefore, you need a tool that allows you to connect with your customers in a variety of ways.


Boosting Efficiency

You have to be efficient if you want your business to be a success because it saves you money and time. Automation is one of the best ways for you to boost your efficiency. It takes care of the little tasks that you pay people to do manually. Therefore, you have to have a tool that automates communication and automatically targets your desired audience while still allowing you to have a personal touch.


The Ultimate Marketing Toolbox

Based on what we have covered above, you need an Ultimate Marketing Toolbox, which is able to provide you with a very diverse range of tools. BuzzPortal is your Ultimate Marketing Toolbox. BuzzPortal 360 has more than fifteen marketing and communication tools. The entire platform can be automated so you can nurture and track leads, manage social media accounts, bulk send text SMS messages, fax and voice broadcasting, email campaigns, and more.

Even if you are a small business, you will find that BuzzPortal 360 will allow you to compete against larger and established businesses. The system has all of the tools that you need to grow while making sure that you do not lose the personal aspect of your business. Every customer has their own profile that tracks their activity, personal information, preferences, and more. Anonymous leads can even be tracked with BuzzPortal Sonar. Since customers are tracked on an individual level, so it is easy to create a personalised campaign for them automatically.


Try It Out For Free Today

You can try BuzzPortal free for fourteen days so you can see just how much stronger, effective, and consistent your relationships with your customers will become. We can help you with your set up and the team has built the platform to ensure that it works with all industries. The toolbox is ideal for small business, enterprises, non-profits, and more. You can subscribe to the tools you need so you can ensure you only have the tools that match your needs.


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