BuzzPortal -Anti-Spam Policy


What is spam? - Spam refers to the unsolicited, indiscriminate sending of electronic communications to recipients who have not requested to be on your mailing list. We recommend as a matter of best practice to regularly ask your contacts to re-opt-in to ensure that their consent is current and active

This Anti Spam Policy is a part of our Terms and Conditions of use and has been produced in conjunction with the law of England and Wales and with guidance from the Privacy and Electronic Communications Directive 2003, the UK Information Commission in the report "The Guide to Privacy and electronic communications" and the "UK Data Protection Act 1998"

Violation of these rules may be grounds for the immediate termination of your BuzzPortal account, and may result in the forfeiture of any pre-paid fees.

BuzzPortal has a zero tolerance spam policy. Users accounts will be terminated for sending unsolicited communications messages. Please report any suspected abuse to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  Please include a complete copy of the message received, including message headers. We will take any action required against the BuzzPortal user.

1.  Content of your Messages

A user of the BuzzPortal service must provide accurate information in the correspondence. For email communications this includes the "FROM" and "TO" data and the subject line of the message must not be misleading or out of place for the content of the message.


2.  Users of BuzzPortalmay not:

I.  Use Purchased lists

II. Use email addresses or other personal information harvested from web sites

III.   Send third-party offers to your list, Without clearly identifying yourself as the sender. In the message body.

IV.   Use a list that has been shared or sold to a third party.

V.   Add email address to the list without permission

VI.   Send communications to a user who has requested removal at any time.

VII.   Use email data more than 2 years old, without having re-confirmed their subscription within that period.

VIII.   Send to a list of users from an association you are a member of (Realtor Association lists, Chamber of Commerce lists, etc.).

IX.   Attempt to hide or render in-operable the BuzzPortal unsubscribe link.

X.   Attempt to hide or use a false Physical Mailing address

XI.   Use a deceptive, misleading, or unrelated subject line.

XII.   Send any type of Unsolicited email or other electronic communication (SPAM).

XIII.   Send unrelated offers or content to your list.

XIV.   Use the buzzportal domain or email address as your sender address.


3.  Banned Content

The service may not be used to distribute any, and not limited to, content that is:

I.   Pornographic or sexual in nature

II.   Hateful or threatening

III.   Libellous or defamatory

IV.   Illegal

V.   Considered as a Spam communications (as definded by Spamhaus

In addition, the service may not be used to distribute the following types of content, due to their likelihood to create delivery problems for our customers through higher than normal bounce rates, and complaints.

I.   Drug or medication advertisements, whether legal or illegal.

II.   Multi-Level Marketing or (MLM) content.

III.   List or Lead selling, rental or generation.

IV.   Search engine Optimization (SEO) content.

V.   Escort or Dating services

VI.   Work From Home opportunities

VII.   Online Casino or gambling content.

VIII.   Any type of Betting or handicapping service.

IX.   Any type of content for which you do not have the recipients express consent.

In the event that you breach these terms we will commence an investigation which can result in termination of your account without a refund and the partial or total deletion of your content. At our own discretion we may also report you to the authoritative legal body and third parties for fraud protection and abuse.


4.  Marketers Advice.

Marketers are advised to read and understand the following which will apply to all UK and European campaigns but are ideal as best practice when sending globally;

i.   Data Protections Act 1998

ii.   Privacy and Electronic Communications (EC Directive) 2003

iii.   Information Commissioners Office  (IOC)  - Guide to privacy and electronic communications 2013


5.  Complaints

We can receive complaints from a number of places including third party organisations, recipient of your communications contacting This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and through feedback from ISPs.

If you have appeared to have an excessive number of bounces from your communications or we receive information of a potential violation of our terms of service we will contact you to discuss the situation and will ask for proof of opt-in status for each contact. During this process you will not be able to send communications from your account and if you are unable to provide evidence to our satisfaction then your account may be terminated without a refund of any pre-paid fees. To continue using BuzzPortal, our compliance team may request additional action be undertaken before your account can be restored.

6.  Allowed Emails and Communications

BuzzPortal can be used to send communications including email to any users which have registered to receive, or reconfirmed their registration, with you at your website, or your physical location(s), within the past 2 Years.

Any communication sent to users must come from the internet domain which they registered at, or in the case of physical signups, the internet domain represented at that location. All communications sent via the BuzzPortal service should adhere to our Best Practices.


If you have been spammed please notify us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.