We know our modern world is based on being informed and communicating with others. It is an intrinsic part of our human family to talk, chat, dicsuss, debate and delivery information. We here at BuzzPortal love to talk, so much so, we had to help millions of others to keep the buzz going and at an affordable price.

We combine our industry leading expertise with our innovative streamlined technology to deliver the best technology service possible to help our customers connect, plan and engage with their audience.


Our People


From our tech development team to our customer care team, BuzzPortal comprises the best skilled individuals in their area together to ensure we create the best product and service we can. Our personlaities vary but we have a shared vision and goal which we are passionate about and that is the core of our business, the people.


Our Culture


"Be passionate about your role", as our MD reminds every employee at our general meetings. He has a good point which is shared across the company. We enjoy our roles and feel passionate about our technology and the delivery to market. We are a friendly green business with a passion for achieving results and going beyond our customers expectations to deliver the best inbound and outbound communications systems in the world.


Our Responsibility


We have a shared responsibility to run our business in a way that respects, protects and benefits our customers. We also limit our impact on our planet by using low-power office equipment and our use of renewable electricity is growing at an expenential rate.  We also have a great responsibility to protect, empower and support our staff which is why we operate a single tier management system with every employee given the equal right to make decisions in their area of expertise.


Our Customers


We work with an array of organisations across the public , private and 3rd sectors. Our software works on so many levels it fits into any size company, whether you are Amazon, AIG Insurance or a local scouts club we treat all our customers equally and ensure the best service is in operation at all times.